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FX Graphix's embroidery room holds one 15-head machine, one 6-head machine, and 2 single-head machines to accomadate any of your embroidery needs. From hats to polos to full back's of jackets, we've done it all! Working upwards of 900 stitches per minute (that's 15 stitches each second!!!), we can complete your order in a timely manner.

In addition, our ability to digitize your logo in-house means your order never leaves our shop! We have been trained by Hirsch International in Pulse Microsystems digitizing software, a leader in the embroidery industry.


Digitizing Defined
Borrowed from Impressions Magazine, January 1998

Digitizing is a term commonly used in the embroidery industry to describe the process of converting a design into a computer program that runs the embroidery machine. This process is also called punching, since an even older form of this process used paper tape with holes punched in it that was fed via tape reader into the machine.

Embroiderers and their customers talk about "tapes" and "tape charges," though you rarely find anyone using the paper tapes these terms refer to. The industry has moved to 3-inch floppy disks or computer networks to transfer information to the embroidery machine.